MONU Natural Radiance Regime

24th February 2016

Dull, lifeless complexions become an increasing skin problem during the colder months of the year, leaving most feeling a little fed up of bad skin days. The good news is achieving a natural, radiant glow may be easier than you think! Start by making a few simple, considered changes to your skincare regime and you’re sure to start seeing results that will have heads turning.


Unfortunately, when it comes to skincare, patience is key. Visible and lasting results may not appear overnight but by following our handy daily skincare guide, your skin will ooze natural radiance in a matter of weeks – and we say that’s well worth the wait! 




Deep cleansing and conditioning skin should be top of your list of skincare priorities. Investing time in a good twice-daily cleanse helps remove dirt, grease and impurities from the surface of the skin whilst conditioning and nourishing for that fresh-faced glow.


Be sure to use a cleanser that is tailored to your skin tone and texture to ensure the product is tackling your skincare concerns head on without causing irritation. At MONU we have a fantastic range of cleansing products, handily colour co-ordinated based on skin tone – so you know you’re choosing the right product for you!






Exfoliating your skin will help it to reflect more light, looking smoother and radiant in no time. A build-up of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin can leave the complexion looking dull and lifeless, exfoliating products, such as MONU Micro Exfoliant work to buff away these dead skin cells, giving your complexion its sparkle back.


We recommend exfoliating at night rather than the morning as this helps remove all impurities, dirt and leftover makeup that have built up throughout your day. Exfoliate 2-3 times a week and your natural, summer glow is sure to return.

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Incorporating moisturising products that contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) into your skincare regime will instantly encourage skin radiance. AHA’s help to speed up the skin’s natural exfoliation process by breaking down the outer layer of the skin and removing dead skin cells. Skin looks even, smooth, toned and brighter.


We recommend our resurfacing AHA Day and Night Treatment System (Add Link) to soften and moisturise the skin’s micro-relief, reducing the appearance of fine lines and imperfections related to sun damage. Use for 3 consecutive nights before taking a 7 day break and undertaking your next 3 night course.



Vitamin C:


Vitamin C is a key active ingredient for promoting skin radiance. Using serums and moisturisers with added Vitamin C help to refine skin tone and revive skin texture whilst protecting the complexion from sun damage.


We offer a fantastic range of products at MONU that are packed full of this innovative active ingredients – from Brightening Boost  to revive a dull complexion to Hydra Lift Serum for firming and smoothing skin and Super Serum Day and Super Serum Night to re-educate and uplift the skin, leaving you looking youthful and feeling full of vitality.