As with all skin types, it’s important to understand the ingredients that work to increase skin radiance, retain moisture and energise the complexion.

KEY ingredients & tips for mature skin

Exfoliation is key for removing the outer layer of dead skin cells that reside on the surface of the skin and results in a dull, tired complexion. With age, the layer of dead skin cells becomes thicker and exfoliation is a must to keep skin looking fresh.


Incorporating the powerful anti-ageing properties of RENU Radiant Skin Peel into your skincare regime once or twice a week promises to not only reduce pore size but also smooth lines and wrinkles and help find your natural glow. This biological exfoliation treatment combines Papaya Enzymes, Lactic Acid and Vitamin C to instantly buff away the thick layer of dead skin cells whist stimulating cell renewal for all-over skin radiance.


Find an oil you love Facial oils help with a multitude of skin concerns and are particularly effective for dehydrated, dry and mature skin types to help provide a dewy, healthy glow that other products may not provide.


Hannah, our Skincare Educator advises: “RENU Nourishing Treatment Oil is the ideal product to introduce into your anti-ageing skincare regime. Combining our signature blend of natural ingredients, including Rosehip and Blackcurrant Seed oils, skin will absorb the oil and lock in the moisture to help maintain suppleness, increase elasticity and enhance your natural glow.”


Nourishing Treatment Oil also works to promote collagen production in mature skin to ensure a more toned and youthful appearance that you can feel confident with. Water loss is prevented, guaranteeing skin feels conditioned and comforted.


ageless exfoliation

Found in our Restoring Cream Rich and Lip and Eye Active Life, Jojoba Oil possesses properties similar to the skin’s own sebum, helping to protect the skin and prevent water loss. This soothing, nourishing oil is ideal for conditioning and hydrating mature skin.

Jojoba Oil

Rosehip Seed Oil

Taken from the seed of the wild rose bush, Rosehip Seed Oil is high in essential fatty acids that are vital for keeping skin healthy. Hannah, MONU Skincare Educator, says: “Rosehip Seed Oil, found in RENU Lip & Eye Active Lift, Nourishing Facial Oil and Rich Cream Cleanser helps to prevent dryness in the skin and restores optimal moisture balance to maintain healthy-looking skin and a natural glow.”

Algae and Active Marine Magnesium

This active and intricate ingredient works to tackle calcium which contracts the facial muscles and can result in expression lines. Products like RENU Flash Relax Mask help to relax expression lines for a more toned appearance.

Wild Yam & Soya Extract

When used in skincare Soya helps to increase the lipid content of the skin whilst Wild Yam simulates collagen and elastin production to ensure skin remains fresh and youthful.