16th December 2015

Cleansing is essential in caring for your skin. Every beauty expert will preach the importance of a good cleanser, it should be the first step in your skincare routine in both the morning and the evening. Working to remove makeup, dirt and grease that gets picked up throughout the day, without proper cleansing pores are left clogged and skin looking dull and grey.


But with a range of products to choose from, each promising a variety of outcomes, it can be hard to know what your skin really needs. From gels to foams and waters to creams, there’s little wonder many of us panic when shopping for the ‘perfect’ cleanser. 


If you’re getting a little frustrated in your search for the holy grail of cleansing products then look no further, our experts at MONU highly recommend a Cleansing Balm. Working hard to remove every trace of makeup, oil and dirt on the skin, a balm promises to instantly revive tired looking skin following a long day. Whilst some cleansing products only work to remove surface impurities, a balm, such as MONU’s Essential Care Cleansing Balm (link), works harder to break down the barriers that SPF’s and makeup can form over the skin. Breaking down oil and makeup, the balm performs a mini facial on the skin to ensure it remains radiant and fresh from morning to night.


Our Essential Care Cleansing Balm has fast become an everyday essential, not only with our team but with a host of beauty bloggers. From Miss Makeup Magpie (  who describes it as ‘effective and quick at removing makeup, dissolving everything whilst soothing and nourishing the skin’ to Mrs Meldrum ( who loves the ‘effortless’ nature of its makeup removing properties. 


It’s no wonder this product is such a sensation. Formulated with rich sources of fatty acids such as Evening Primrose, Blackcurrant and Rosehip Seed Oils and packed full of natural ingredients and Essential Oils, skin is left feeling truly and utterly nourished. These active ingredients will aid in maintaining a youthful suppleness and elasticity to the skins appearance, helping you to look and feel refined all day long.


To use, simply warm in the palm of your hand before gently massaging over the face and neck. It sweeps onto the skin with ease, efficiently melting into the pores to remove each and every impurity. Add water to emulsify the balm into a luxuriously rich and creamy milk that will leave skin feeling vitalised and conditioned and looking flawless.