Autumn / Winter Skincare Part 2 - The importance of moisturisers

30th November 2015

With the changing of the seasons, we can all become a bit clueless to what our skin really needs. Busy lifestyles coupled with dark, colder days stretching out in front of us can make us lazy when it comes to skincare and complexions can end up looking more than a little lacklustre.


That’s where we, the experts at MONU, are here to help. This month we have developed the ultimate guide to skincare for Autumn/Winter. Focussing on the key products that every skin type needs, we aim to transform your complexion from dull and dreary to fresh and flawless.


Keeping skin hydrated and free from blemishes is top of every girls list when it comes to picture-perfect skin. As well as cleansing and toning morning and night, moisturising needs to be top of the agenda. For some this can seem like an unnecessary added step but you wouldn’t go a whole day without drinking a glass of water, so why deny your skin the same level of hydration?


Even if you can’t see it now, you’re sure to see the benefits of proper moisturisation in years to come. Making skin look healthy and nourished, a moisturiser tailored to your skin type should be your skincare go-to.


At MONU, our wide range of moisturisers ensure something to suit every complexion. If you’re looking to combat midday shine and keep blemishes at bay opt for our Mattifying Lotion , if you lead a hectic lifestyle and want skin looking its best from morning to night try our Skin Perfector and for those wanting to keep dry, sensitive skin at bay choose our Soothing Touch Recovery Balm .


This Autumn/Winter, our experts have put their advanced knowledge of natural ingredients to the test to develop even more skincare saviors to brighten even the dullest of winter-tinged complexions. Our new AHA Night Cream is a prime example, stepping up the skincare game, it works to deliver active ingredients deeper into the skin for more visible results.


This resurfacing treatment promises to instantly revive the face and neck, evening skin tone and texture to bring your complexion back to life. This treatment will soften, moisturise and smooth the skin’s micro-relief to reduce the appearance of fine lines and imperfections related to sun damage. Use in conjunction with our Recovery Balm and Hydrating Moisturiser SPF15 for phenomenal results.


Unlike other Night Creams, our AHA Night Cream should only be used for 3 consecutive nights, using Recovery Balm during the day time. A 7 day break must then be taken before undertaking another 3 night course.