Cellulite Busting Beauties

03rd April 2016

Spring is most definitely in the air, and with it comes the need to shake up our health, wellbeing and skincare - ensuring we look and feel our best for the inevitable spring soirees and summer holidays with friends and family. Whilst you may have your facial skincare regimen in tip-top condition for the warmer months, don’t forget to nourish, condition and hydrate the rest of your body to guarantee perfect pins and a toned torso that’s 100% bikini ready!


One of our most common body hang ups, and something that almost every woman suffers from to some degree, is the dreaded cellulite. Whilst eating healthily and exercising regularly is a great way to improve the appearance of cellulite and uneven skin texture – who wouldn’t say no to a helping hand from body lotions, exfoliators and moisturisers? Help slim, tone and de-bump your skin ready for spring and summer with our favourite body products!


MONUspa Super Sculpt Body Lotion











Treating your body well on the inside is the key to looking and feeling good, so why not give it a little help on the outside? MONUspa Super Sculpt Body Lotion is our number one product for toning, firming and uplifting, allowing you to achieve healthy skin and undeniably visible results.


This revolutionary formulation tackles a plethora of body concerns in one quick and easy application to refresh and revitalise. A combination of intelligent active ingredients allows Super Sculpt to tackle problem areas and reduce the appearance of troublesome cellulite. The lotion works to smooth uneven skin tone, lightening and brightening the complexion to reveal a balanced skin texture that you’re sure to feel confident in.


How to use: Using upward strokes, massage the Super Sculpt Body Lotion into the skin every morning and evening until completely absorbed. For best results, repetitive application is a must! Apply daily as a 4-6 week course.


MONUspa Arabica Salt Scrub











Containing an indulgent combination of coffee infused salts and Vanilla Body Oil that, when massaged into the skin, work together to extract impurities and excess water. Skin is detoxified and fatty deposits reduced to instantly improve skin texture and radiance.  The addition of Linseed Extract promises to soothe skin and replenish moisture levels whilst Oat Floor works to comfort and calm irritation. Skin is left feeling toned, tightened and looking refreshed – just in time for bikini season!


Use: Apply a couple of pumps of the Calming Vanilla Body Oil to problem areas, then scoop out a small amount of the Coffee Salts and massage well into the skin to create an effective exfoliation treatment.

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