When it comes to mature skin, it is vital to carry out a daily skincare regime that is formulated for anti-ageing purposes. Choosing products specifically tailored to your skin type will help you achieve results and keep your complexion glowing with vitality.

Products That Work for You – mature skin


Active serums are ideal for mature skin and the Lip & Eye Active Lift is just one of our trio of anti-ageing facial serums. The refreshing Lip & Eye formulation works to energise the sensitive skin around the eyes and lips to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and awaken the complexion. Dark circles are reduced, eyes are brightened and smiles are invigorated for a vitalised and more youthful appearance.


See our Trio of RENU serums here.

RENU Lip & Eye Active Lift

RENU Rich Cream Cleanser & Soft Touch Toner

Specifically formulated for mature skin, Rich Cream Cleanser works to gently remove makeup and impurities whilst restoring balance. Our signature floral blend of Evening Primrose Oil, Shea Butter and Rosehip Oil helps to firm and moisturise whilst the invigorating Soft Touch Toner successfully tones, hydrates and brightens the complexion.

RENU Restoring Cream Light & Rich

Used in conjunction with each other, this combination of anti-ageing day and night creams promises an instant of boost of radiance for the skin. Our innovative blend of active ingredients, including Vitamin C and Wild Yam Extract, works to firm fine lines and plump wrinkles for skin that is soft, supple and youthful.


For an extra hit of hydration, try putting a thicker layer of Restoring Cream Rich over the face before bed and you’re sure to wake up with silky-smooth skin!

RENU Flash Relax Mask

Treat mature skin 1-2 times a week with Flash Relax Mask to help firm facial contours and tone the complexion. Our unique combination of Ginseng, Magnesium and Vitamin C works to lift, smooth and tighten whilst balancing moisture levels and restoring hydration to drier areas.