New Year , New Skincare

20th January 2016

The long month of January is finally drawing to an end. 2016 is now in full swing and with the rise of a new year comes the perfect time to set new challenges, achieve goals and overhaul your lifestyle and what better place to start than with your skincare?


If you’re looking for a helping hand to kick start your new year skincare regime, then look no further than Monu. We’ve put together our guide of handy tips and tricks to ensure your complexion is in tip-top condition for 2016 and beyond. You’ll find an extensive range of products and ranges at Monu to help create your own, unique skincare regime, tailored to your skin type and needs.


Kick start your morning and wind down at night with a simple cleanse, tone and moisturise. These three simple steps will soon become engrained in your lifestyle, working to energise the skin when you wake up and relieve it from the stresses of the day before you go to sleep.


At Monu, our wide range of innovative skincare products have been tailored to different skin types to ensure the active ingredients work to tackle your skincare woes and keep your complexion looking radiant and refreshed. We offer a range of cleansers and toners for dry/sensitive skin, normal/combination skin and oily skin, and for those who run short of time in the morning our choice of face washes work just as efficiently to clean and condition.


Once you’ve cleansed the skin of any impurities remember to moisturise thoroughly; choosing a richer formula for the evening and a lighter cream for the daytime. Whether you’re looking to calm redness, mattify an oily complexion or help makeup stay in place for longer, you’re sure to find a Monu moisturiser that keeps your complexion looking and feeling conditioned, even and blemish-free.


It can be difficult to stick with a recommended skincare regime and it’s often easy to overlook proper skincare due to the common perception that it can take too much time out of a busy schedule. However, regimes can be adapted to ensure even those of us with hectic lifestyles can practice proper skincare and enjoy a glowing, gorgeous complexion all year round and who doesn’t want that?


At Monu you’ll also find a fantastic range of body products to ensure the skin on your body receives the same care and attention as the skin on your face. From sculpting lotions that help tone and tighten your problem areas to nourishing body creams that inject instant hydration back to dry skin. We have even created a range of Tanworx self-tanning essentials to keep that summer-holiday glow all year round whilst nourishing and conditioning the skin with a host of natural active ingredients.


What are you waiting for? Start your year the right way with Monu Skincare.