Night Creams - Wave Goodbye to Dull Winter Skin

30th January 2016

There’s no denying that the winter weather is here to stay, for the coming weeks at the very least. At Monu, we’re trying all we can to help our skin battle through the winter blues with style and grace. Keeping your complexion looking fresh and feeling smooth is often an uphill struggle when you’re competing with harsh winds, freezing temperatures and indoor heating systems. We’re all left waiting for a good-skin day to come our way and that’s where we’re here to help!


Without the know-how even the professionals can be left with a lack lustre skin tone not to mention a dull, dry complexion, leaving us all longing for the sunshine to start breaking through once again. If there’s one product that should be on your radar, particularly during the winter, it’s night creams. A night cream is a richer version of a daily moisturiser and should be used in conjunction to help skin beat the dehydration that the colder weather can cause. 



Night creams offer the perfect skincare starting point for beginners and our new formula’s and unique combinations of active ingredients are always of interest to skincare experts. The almost endless list of benefits of using a specified night cream, rather than your daily moisturiser, are truly undeniable. Your skin absorbs the powerful active ingredients of a night cream far better at night than it does during the day, allowing the skin to rehydrate and skin cells to renew whilst preventing tissues from being damaged. 


From nourished skin to an even, blemish-free complexion, not to mention boosted collagen levels and younger looking skin, it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t use one. And once used in conjunction with your day cream, the results are incontestable, we can vouch that skin is left looking and feeling fresh and flawless, even in freezing temperatures and harsh conditions! 



With so many different formula’s to choose from, it’s easy to become blinded without some helpful advice. At Monu, we offer a wide range of Night Creams suited to every skin type. For dry skin try Monu Extra Rich Night Cream, its luxuriously thick texture intensively moisturises without leaving a greasy residue whilst normal/combination skin types should be using Night Renewal Complex to actively smooth and firm skin, ensuring a younger, brighter complexion come morning.




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If you’re looking to turn back the clock, turn to the anti-ageing properties of Renu Restoring Cream Rich to plump fine lines and wrinkles and leave skin looking radiant and youthful. Finally, if you’re looking for something more complex, we recommend trying the NEW AHA Night Cream, used in conjunction with Recovery Balm it promises to instantly refine the skins’ texture to reduce the appearance of imperfections and brighten the complexion.