It goes without saying that a good night’s sleep is essential to help you wake feeling refreshed, but have you ever thought how your skincare regime could help?​



It goes without saying that a good night’s sleep is essential to help you wake feeling refreshed, but have you ever thought how your skincare regime could help?


Our skin is in constant contact with air pollutants and germs whilst also having to fight off free radicals and protect against harmful UV rays which can lead to a dull, dry look come evening. It becomes essential to enforce a nightly skincare regime to not only clean and cleanse the complexion but also to give your skin the best chance of undoing the damage it faces during the day. 



Moisturising the skin at night is essential for targeted hydration and nourishment. Incorporating a night cream into your skincare regime will not only help to thoroughly hydrate your skin but will also provide a variety of anti-ageing benefits.


The MONU Extra Rich Night Cream is bursting with vitamins, minerals and essential oils to actively smooth signs of premature ageing, relieving dry patches and revitalising the complexion. Enriched with the gentle scents of Jasmine and Sandalwood it promises to soothe the senses whilst combating irritation. The hydrating touch of Hyaluronic Acid forms a protective barrier on the skin to maintain optimum moisture levels and improve elasticity, helping you to wake with skin that looks undeniably soft, smooth and supple.  

Serums and Special Care


During the night the skin has the ability to accomplish better cell renewal to reverse the damage it has faced during the day so incorporating specialised products is sure to give your skin a helping hand to regenerate.


Oily skins respond best to facial oils applied at night, we recommend using our Capri Facial Oil 1-2 nights a week to reduce oil secretion and refine the surface of the skin. Formulated using an energising blend of Camphor and natural citrus essential oils, renowned for their antibacterial action, it works to calm and condition the complexion whilst tightening pores.


Exfoliation and masks


“During the night the skins renewal process, or keratinisation, is at its most active, meaning the skin is more receptive to product application. Incorporating regular exfoliation into your night time skincare regime removes the build up of dead skin cells, promoting a brighter complexion and helping to increase the absorption rate of other products.” advises Lisa.


Packed with invigorating actives, the dual-action microdermabrasion of our Micro Exfoliant provides a gentle exfoliating action to restore natural radiance. Papaya Enzymes, rich in Vitamins A, C and E, polish, invigorate and repair the skin whilst the addition of Diatomaceous Earth works to smooth away grime, makeup and impurities for an indulgently deep cleanse.


Clean and Cleanse

During the night our skin works it hardest to nourish and repair. By not following a defined skincare regime, you are missing a vital opportunity to help your skin look and feel its best. Not only will proper skincare aid in rejuvenating and refreshing the skin but it will also help keep signs of ageing at bay, improve skin tone and reduce the appearance of blemishes.


“Establishing a proper skin care routine at night is vital for healthy looking skin and takes just five minutes of your time. Proper and thorough cleansing will kick start your night time skincare regime and will help to ensure softer, brighter and younger looking skin come morning.” says Lisa Patterson, MONU Skincare Educator.


At MONU we offer a variety of cleansers that are targeted to the specific needs of your skin type including the Gentle range to calm and nourish, the Active range to balance and refresh and the Clarifying collection to refine oil production.


Top tip: Once a week, give your skin a revitalising treat by applying a mask following exfoliation. Not only will this provide the feeling of a professional facial but it will also ensure the deepest of product penetration.



Boosters and serums specially designed for use at night offer another great addition to your regime. Many include intelligent ingredients like Retinol and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) that are more difficult to use during the day but will have a big impact on the skin overnight.  Why not try our AHA Night and Day Treatment to effectively resurface the skin by softening and smoothing the skins micro-relief. Our innovative blend of fruit acids promise to blur the signs of ageing and imperfections for younger looking skin in an instant.


It is important to remember that use of specialised skincare treatments will often require an application of SPF the following morning to provide protection for the skin.




Upholding a proper skincare regime at night helps your skin to do its job more efficiently while you sleep. With the right support, including everything from thorough cleansing to the application of specialised night creams, facial oils and serums, the skin is provided with vital vitamins, minerals and intelligent actives to aid in revitalisation.


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