Are you over-exfoliating your skin

27th August 2015

We all know that skincare starts with cleansing , but can you cleanse too much? Jamie Sherrill (celebrity skin expert and registered nurse) advises ‘any exfoliation that makes your skin adopt certain changes probably means you are over exfoliating.’


So what are the signs of over-exfoliating? Here are three to look out for as advised by Jamie Sherrill.


1. Puffiness

By over-exfoliating your skin can become puffy or swollen. Regardless whether or not you are exfoliating using physical or chemical means, inflammation can occur which in turn can damage your skins natural lipid barrier.


2. Breakouts

Did you know that to much facial scrubbing can cause acne? Most would think that by scrubbing more you reduce the risk of acne breakouts however to much cleaning has the opposite effect.


Using the correct exfoliating methods can get rid of achne by clearing out the dead skin cells that clog up pores. however, over exfoliating can also remove the healthy skin cells that protect your skins natural barrier.


Over-exfoliating can then lead to hypersensitivity which can cause breakouts.  You may well be the cause of your own acne!


3. Shiny forehead


Can you see your reflection in your own forehead! Over exfoliation can cause a shiny forehead, this is because light can reflect easily off over-exfoliated skin. By over-exfoliating you smooth out the natural texture to your skin too much.


What to do if you’ve over-exfoliated:  


If you have noticed any of the above signs , stop using your exfoliators and wait for effects to disappear , then begin to exfoliate every other day and see how you get on.


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