If you find yourself getting in from a busy day with a complexion that looks dull, sunken and sluggish then don’t dismiss this as signs of exhaustion; it is more than likely the effects of pollution.​



How pollution affects your skin


Although the city offers an exciting place to live, work and socialise, have you ever considered the detrimental effects it may be having on your skin? If you find yourself getting in from a busy day with a complexion that looks dull, sunken and sluggish then don’t dismiss this as signs of exhaustion; it is more than likely the effects of pollution.


Pollution surrounds us in a number of forms in our everyday life. The grime, dirt and impurities found in the air will attach themselves to the skin, attacking its natural barrier to leave your face feeling irritated and sensitive with signs of blemishes, redness and premature ageing becoming apparent.


At MONU we understand the damaging effects that pollution can have on the skin. Maintaining a skincare regime that combats the results of these harmful but unavoidable factors will go a long way to protect against irritation, nourish sensitive and restore vitality.” advises MONU Skincare Educator, Amy.


Read on to find out more about what you can do to fight the signs of pollution.



Your skin faces a lot, from exhaust fumes and cigarette smoke found in the air we breathe to dust particles, air condition systems and central heating in our work spaces. When confronted with these factors, cleansing becomes even more important in order to gently clean away dirt, grease and grime whilst conditioning irritation and revitalising dull skin tones.


Cleansing twice daily will ensure skin is fresh and healthy whilst its barrier remains in good condition to further fight the effects of pollution. At MONU, our Cleansers contain key active ingredients to work in harmony with your skin to soothe, refresh and hydrate.


The Active Cleanser, for example, has been formulated with Calendula and Aloe Vera to decongest, heal and soothe whilst removing makeup and impurities from the surface. The complexion is refined and dryness relieved whilst pores are tightened to restore natural radiance.




Exfoliating is imperative to achieve an even deeper clean that penetrates the skin further than a regular cleanser. It will help to eliminate the impurities that attach to the skins surface as a result of air pollution.


We recommend using a gentle exfoliatior like our Micro Exfoliant 2-3 times a week to revive a lacklustre skin tone and slough away any particles that may have penetrated its natural barrier. Bursting with natural actives, including Papaya Enzymes and Diatomaceous Earth it will smooth away grime, makeup and impurities for a soft, radiant glow.


Pollution creates free radicals that damage skin cells and destroy collagen productions, negatively affecting the firmness of the skin. Free Radicals increase inflammation and irritate signs of acne and skin conditions such as Rosacea. Applying serums to the skin which contain antioxidants, such as Vitamin C, will neutralise free radicals and diminish their effects on the skin.


We recommend using MONUPLUS Brightening Boost Serum prior to the application of moisturiser. Enhanced with Hyaluronic Microspheres and Vitamin C this energising formulation instantly absorbs into the skin to target common skin concerns. Skin tone is balanced and texture refined for a youthful glow.




Choosing a moisturiser that suits your skin type will help to protect it from the drying effects of air conditioning and heating systems whilst actively hydrating and conditioning following exposure to the elements.


We recommend the soothing touch of Recovery Balm to provide effective relief for sensitised or stressed skin in need of instant and long-lasting comfort. Used daily, its calming properties will nourish and hydrate skin whilst providing a natural barrier against harsh conditions. Enriched with Peptides, Shea Butter and Cassia Alata Leaf Extract it promises to reduce discomfort whilst stimulating collagen production for skin that’s velvety smooth and calmly clean.


It is important to wear a moisturiser that contains an SPF. Even when the sun isn’t shining your skin is exposed to the harmful effects of UV rays, wearing at least an SPF15 will protect the skin from premature ageing, irritation and redness.” says Skincare Educator, Amy. 

The addition of Vitamin C is key for stimulating and maintaining collagen production, helping to protect the skin from signs of premature ageing and free radical damage caused by pollution. It also helps safeguard from sun damage and reduce the appearance of pigmentation and imperfections to promote a bright, fresh-faced appearance.


Although the harmful effects of pollution are often unavoidable, remember that proper skincare and a dedicated routine will help ensure your skin remains fresher for longer.