Step up your skincare this spring​

Changing weather can wreak havoc upon the skin, so the arrival of a new season offers the perfect time to assess your beauty regime.


Just as you would transition your wardrobe according to the season, it’s essential to do the same for your skincare. The question is, which products should you be using and which should you be avoiding? Keep reading for our skincare experts’ advice on spring-cleaning your skincare this season.


1. Cleansing

After months of freezing temperatures and harsh conditions, your skin is in desperate in need of some nourishment. Whether you’re suffering from dryness, sensitivity, irritation or a general lack of radiance, focussing on the essential elements of your skincare routine is one of the most effective ways of achieving a gorgeous glowing complexion.


Cleansing twice a day is the backbone of any good beauty regime, and doing it properly will help to eliminate impurities and allow your skin to breathe. We recommend using a cream cleanser, like our Gentle, Active or Clarifying Cleansers, in upwards circular movements to effectively remove all traces of dirt, oil and stubborn makeup while cleaning deep into the pores.


2. Exfoliate

During the long, cold winter months an excess of dead skin cells build up on the skin to leave it looking dull, dry and ready for some revitalisation. Luckily, there’s a simple fix; gentle exfoliation 2 – 3 times a week will help purge the skin of dead, dulling cells to reveal an instantly brighter, healthier complexion. Remember to opt for products that contain natural alternatives to harsh exfoliants like beads or grains as these can cause irritation.


MONU Skincare Educator, Lisa recommends: “MONU Micro Exfoliant promises to effectively exfoliate the skin without damaging it. Formulated with Diatomaceous Earth, a natural alternative to harsh beads or grains, it refines skin texture whilst reducing the appearance of large pores and fine lines. Plus, once you’ve eliminated the build-up of dead cells, your skin will be more receptive to active ingredients, meaning your moisturisers, serums and facial oils will keep your skin hydrated for longer."


3. Neck and décolletage

The arrival of spring signals the beginning of longer days and warmer weather, so it’s finally time to begin peeling off those thick winter coats, chunky scarves and woollen jumpers. But, as we begin to reveal more skin it’s important to offer some nourishment and protection to the often-neglected neck and chest area, also known as the décolletage.


The décolletage is one of the first areas of the body to show signs of ageing, but this is easily prevented with the right care and attention. Moisturising twice a day with an anti-ageing formula, like RENU Restoring Cream, will go a long way to fight thinning, slackening skin and crepiness. Enriched with Wild Yam Extract and Vitamin C, Restoring Cream will restore elasticity whilst lifting and toning the area for a visibly youthful effect you can feel confident in.


4. SPF

No matter what time of year, your face should never be without an SPF. And as we move into the warmer months it becomes even more important to provide essential protection from sun damage and premature ageing caused.


Using a day cream that contains SPF is one of the best way to incorporate some extra protection into your skincare regime, especially as the sun begins to gather strength. Our experts recommend Hydrating Moisturiser with SPF15. It’s rich, velvety texture is perfect for hydrating and balancing the skin while our unique blend of Sodium Hyaluronate and Vitamin A will restore your natural glow.


5. Lips

If you're experiencing dryness, cracking and sores on the lips as a result of the harsh winter weather, then you'll be pleased to know that perfecting your pout for spring is easier than you think.


MONU Skincare Educator, Lisa, advises: "The lips are incredibly vulnerable to dehydration so it's really important to buffer this delicate area from the elements. We recommend using MONU Lip Balm throughout the day to lock in moisture, repair damaged skin and calm irritation. And don't forget to apply around the lip contour to reduce and prevent fine lines whilst restoring comfort to the lip itself."


6. Professional Facials

Sometimes, you skin needs a helping hand from the professionals. Facials offer a multi-step, multi-purpose approach that promises to restore your skins natural radiance, which is especially welcome as we transition from winter to spring.


For the ultimate skin refresh, we recommend our Pro Radiance Plus Facial. This newly formulated treatment, enriched with Collagen and Vitamin C, provides deep cleansing and exfoliation that will leave skin feeling firm, fresh and refined. Plus, the addition of Hyaluronic Microsphere balances skin tone and locks-in moisture to prolong the results.


Keep in mind that consistency is the key when it comes to treatments, so for best results we recommend having this facial once a week for six weeks, then once a month to maintain.